Wednesday 6 July 2016

Reveal day!

A while ago (maybe two years?) a group of us started what we were to call our Shoebox exchange.

Everyone was to choose their own themes and make a block to start. We put our blocks in a shoebox (or something like it) and it was passed through the group once a month. Everyone added to your quilt and after a year (since there were twelve of us in the group) we were presented with our own shoeboxes, full of blocks everyone had contributed. 

In that year, we had not seen what was being added. At the end of the year we had a Reveal Day get-together where we finally saw our blocks. It's been a while now, but we set today as a day to try to have our blocks assembled into a quilt top!

To remind you of my Shoebox quilt, you can look back to post here

Here is a picture of the finished quilt, Moonlight Thru' the Trees....

I had hoped to host today's Reveal outside with a bit of a Garden Party feel. Well, Mother Nature has other plans with heat and humidity to feel like the upper 30's! I have a feeling we'll end up in the house with the lovely A/C!

I've always liked to bake, but sometimes success doesn't happen when it counts....for company!

Today I have prepared a treat from Pinterest, Berry Pie Bars. Luckily it has turned out delicious and looks just like the pictures on Pinterest!

 Of course, we had to do quality control....yum!....
I'll take pictures today during the gathering and hopefully the ladies will agree that I can share the pics later in my next blog post. 

It will be so fun to see what everyone has done with their blocks. We had so many themes....snowmen, an I Spy quilt, trees, baskets, fairy gardens, etc.!

I have to show a picture of how my border of FlowerGarden is doing. I'm loving the big beautiful flowers. The one at the top measures 8 or 9" across.

Puppy update

Today the pups are five weeks old. I can't believe how fast the days go! 

We have set the pups up in the living room in a small wading pool to keep them contained when we don't want them wandering about. Now they are getting big enough that we've had two escapees already. 

We've had a challenge starting them on kibble, but now we've found an answer and they are taking to it...
So much cuteness around here this summer!
I am linking up to Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social to see what others are up to today.

Have a great Summer's Day!


  1. What a new and interesting way to swap blocks! This is a beauty! I love the neutrals!

  2. This really is a lovely quilt! Even though it's a controlled palette, it still appeals to my scrappy nature!

  3. Your round robin quilt is a real stunner! Here's hoping we get the rain tomorrow that's in the forecast...